In the street: Bearded man brutally stabs German woman (VIDEO)

A “blonde German woman” was seriously injured in Moroccan Tangier on Saturday, 15 June. The perpetrator, known to the woman, had rammed a knife into the woman’s neck in the street. Whether the perpetrator could be caught is not known at the moment.The German woman, aged about 50, is said to have lived with the alleged perpetrator and another man. She would have got into an argument with the perpetrator in the street. He had tried to steal her handbag and then stabbed her. Social media circulated a video showing a blonde woman lying motionless on the ground. Eyewitnesses reported that a bearded man had stabbed her in the neck.German media reported that the German Foreign Office had not responded to a request from the German Press Agency (DPA). Neither the name nor the exact origin of the victim have been clarified. There is also no further information on the condition of the woman, who was admitted to hospital with life-threatening injuries. The perpetrator is wanted.

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