Swiss court rules migrant too stupid to be deported

According to a psychiatric report, the 32-year-old has massive difficulties in reading, understanding text and arithmetic, reported the Swiss daily the Tagesanzeiger. An IQ test has shown that his level of development corresponds to that of a nine-year-old to a twelve-year-old. Thus, “it will be difficult for him to find a home and build a new life,” ruled the court in Lausanne. According to the Tagesanzeiger, it was the first time that such a verdict was made in Switzerland.The Kosovan had come to Switzerland at the age of seven as a family member. The Office for Migration of the Canton of Basel-Landschaft revoked the residence permit of the man in August 2015. Previously, he had repeatedly committed crimes. A Basel court had once sentenced the immigrant to two years’ imprisonment for starting a gang fight along with colleagues in 2012. One victim sustained several facial fractures, a fractured skull, and a traumatic brain injury. Without immediate medical help, the victim would have died. The Basel Authority argued that the nature of the crimes that the Kosovan had been involved in, became more serious as he grew older. There was a high probability of recidivism and the condemned person was judged to be a danger to the public. The violent perpetrator has not yet been deported because he had obtained a postponement license, which was abolished last year by the Basel Cantonal Court. In 2017, the man had traveled to Kosovo with his wife and two children, admitted his lawyer. His relatives did not want to leave him alone in Switzerland because of his claustrophobia and panic disorders. “A violent Kosovar may stay in Switzerland because his IQ is too low. With such tricks the judge has thwarted the people’s will,” noted anti-immigration politician Roger Köppel.

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