Germany: Libyan vandalizes regional train and attacks policemen

After a 32-year-old Libyan was expelled from the regional train yesterday evening at 10 p.m. by the locomotive driver in Dirmingen, he continued his journey unnoticed on the coupling at the end of the train. Passengers then noticed the passenger on the outside of the train. At an unscheduled stop the Libyan jumped from the train and threw stones at it, destroyed the rear window of the train and fled. Police forces then arrested the perpetrator on the open track.When he was arrested, he seemed drunk and aggressive. A breath alcohol test could therefore not be carried out on site, so that he was taken to the Neunkirchen police station. Since he violently resisted his blood collection, he had to be fixed by five police officers. He was allowed to spend the night sobering up in the police station.

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