Taharrush during the summer party of the University of Mainz – Serious injury after clash with molesters from outside the University

The police report shamefully conceals the background of the perpetrators of this “group of men”. But do they actually still have to tell you ? “Cologne Cathedral Square” was only the beginning and not the end of the Rape Jihad  in the Germany of Diversity. The politically correct police report in wording:

Highly aggressive persons seriously injured a visitor during a brawl at the ASTA summer festival on the campus of the Johannes Gutenberg University near the ReWi building in Mainz during the night from Friday to Saturday. The Taser was used by the police forces of Mainz against a 22-year-old attacker. He belonged to a group of young men who sexually harassed the female guests.When the male companion of a 24-year-old woman from Mainz wants to confront the young molester who lives in Offenbach, he is suddenly attacked by the molester and repeatedly punched in the face. He receives support from at least three other people, also from Offenbach. The 22 – to 24 – year old hit and kick together on the 19 – year old student and injure him thereby substantially. The student from Mainz is suffering from severe bruises and probably also fractures in his face. He is later cared for by paramedics and taken to hospital. A security employee of the organizer is also attacked by the main perpetrator from this group of people and hit in the neck. Only the called police forces can calm the situation shortly afterwards, hinder two people from fleeing and arrest them. Because the main perpetrator continues to attack both security forces and police, including with head blows and blows, the Taser is used after warning against him. Despite its use, several forces are needed to arrest him. Even after handcuffs have been put on, the perpetrator continues to attack the officers and offers considerable resistance. Fortunately, police officers are not injured. Another 22-year-old from Offenbach from this group also resisted arrest. Only after several hours in police custody do the attackers calm down. Investigative proceedings are now being initiated against them on account of dangerous bodily injury, as well as resistance and assault against police officers. 


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