Reduction of sentence for an Eritrean by a German court: Allegedly traumatised asylum seeker stabs son (11 y/o) of refugee aide

There is never a lack of excuses for do-gooders and the cretins of the asylum industry, no matter what crime an immigrant beloved by Merkel commits or has committed.Murdered visitors to public festivals, abused female students, mass brawls by “groups of people”, daily knife attacks. Again and again the principle is valid for red-green Lefties: perpetrator protection prior to victim protection. One must simply say that one comes from a non-European country and one is mentally disturbed and does not know what one is doing. 
In the current case, the grateful economic refugee Abdulrahman M. has tried to kill an 11-year-old boy in Passau with a knife in African resp. Muslim tradition of gratitude to the infidels. The 11-year-old boy was pushed into a room by Merkel’s imported knife expert from Eritrea and attacked there with a knife with the intention of killing him. 
The tabloid Bild even reports that he screamed “die, die, die” while he was doing so. Various stab wounds and a cut over the larynx confirm the clear intention to kill. Only because of the family dog and massive resistance of the boy is it to be owed that he survived the thankfulness of the refugee from Eritrea.
The newspaper Bild reports: 

Seven years and six months imprisonment for attempted murder and dangerous assault. Because the man suffered terrible experiences as a refugee, he was given a reduction in the punishment. The judge: “In his favour we must assume that the paranoia was a factor. If that was the case, then a reduced ability to control cannot be ruled out.” And further: “During his escape from Africa he experienced terrible things in Libya, he was tortured and imprisoned. He himself probably did not come to us without scars on his soul.”

You wonder who’s really traumatized here? Obviously, however, nobody is interested in the fate of a child. The 11-year-old doesn’t dare to leave the house, doesn’t go to school and has no free time anymore.

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