Germany: Two Afghans call on 17-year-olds to fight – When he refuses he is beaten up by them

Two Afghans yesterday called on a 17-year-old boy to fight against them. Because he refused, the men are said to have thrown two bottles at the young man and smashed him. Federal police were able to arrest the suspects.Around 01:30 a. m., the federal police became aware of an assault in the area of the bus platforms at Essen Central Station. On the spot, witnesses informed the police about two men who had got into an argument with a 17-year-old man from Essen. Because the latter would not engage in the provocations and the demand to fight, they are said to have first thrown their beer bottles at him and then jointly struck him. The attack caused injuries to the teenager’s face and swelling of the hand. The two suspects, two 21- and 24-year-old Afghan citizens from Essen and Erftstadt, were temporarily arrested in the station area. A breath alcohol test showed that both men were drunk to a not inconsiderable 1.4 per mille. Criminal proceedings were instituted against the two suspects for dangerous bodily harm. The father of the 17-year-old victim picked up his son from the federal police station to take him to a clinic.

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