Germany: 9-year-old girl sexually abused by a “dark-skinned man”?

A sexual assault on a child is said to have occurred in Roßlau on Whitsunday yesterday. As is so often the case, the Dessau police confirmed the incident without giving further details about a suspect and his nationality.A spontaneous demonstration of angry residents took place yesterday.Photos of the alleged arrest are circulating on the Internet and the left-wing “Bündnis Dessau Nazifrei” obviously knows more about the identity of the suspect.The political left alliance unintentionally reveals the identity of the perpetrator:”There was a right-wing extremist meeting tonight in #Roßlau. The background is the alleged sexual assault on a child by a dark-skinned man. About 100 people took part in the demonstration.”

screenshot Twitter

The rape victim is said to be a 9-year-old girl from Roßlau.Meanwhile, the information that the rapist is supposed to be an African asylum seeker is becoming more and more condensed. (The photo of his arrest can be seen above in the Facebook post).

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