Austria: Pensioner killed by a Turk with Jackie Chan kick in the stomach

An unbelievable excess of violence because of a bagatelle cost a Viennese his life: Pensioner Nikolaus D. (67 years old) was walking with his wife to the Protestant cemetery in Favoriten in November 2018, when a Turkish family was waiting for a taxi on Sonnleithner street and blocked the sidewalk.Nikolaus D. unintentionally touched the coat of a woman who turned around and began to scream. The couple did not react to the insults and went on for the time being. But then two young men – Ömer P. and Mehmet P. – followed the couple, harassed and insulted them. Nikolaus D. wanted to sidestep – but even the passive behaviour did not help him in the end.While one of the provocateurs, Mehmet P., was held back by a woman, his friend Ömer P. took a running jump and gave the Viennese a massive kick in the stomach. Nikolaus D. fell so unhappily with the back of his head onto the sidewalk that he suffered a fracture of the base of his skull. Despite immediate emergency surgery in the hospital, he never woke from his coma again and died after 26 days of constant agony. Yesterday the perpetrators of this terrible tragedy had to answer to the court in Vienna. The two young men (19, 26 years old) came with prominent defenders: Rudolf Mayer, Astrid Wagner and Normann Hofstätter tried as hard as they could to get a mild verdict. But Ömer P. again disturbed with his statement:”I didn’t really want that – but my aunt was there, I had to be a bit of a bully.  I’m sorry,”  he complained. Where he had learned the ultimately deadly kick? “In a Jackie Chan movie.” The ( not final ) sentences: eight years imprisonment for deliberately grievous bodily harm to the Jackie Chan fan. His friend was sentenced to five months on probation for brawl.

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