Germany: Radical Islamic Salafists attack protesters and scream “ALLAHU AKBAR”

On the way to the “Wir wollen keine Salafisten” rally yesterday in Mönchengladbach against the construction of the radical-extremist “Ar-Rahman” mosque several participants were attacked by 4 Salafists!(Video above, start with double click). When the members of Pegida Netherlands – including the speaker Edwin Wagensveld – just went to the venue carrying signs saying “no halal”, 4 Salafists attacked them! A Salafist hit a Dutchman right in the face! Immediately the police intervened. But just as the radical Islamists were being arrested by the police, another Salafist, shouting “Allahu Akbar”, attacked the demonstrators again!In contrast to the police press release (“No one was injured”), the group speaks of a lightly injured person! Altogether 27 persons were arrested – ALL perpetrators belong to the Salafist scene! 25 were allowed to run again on the same day!

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