Islam Criticism Award: Ticino Anti-Burka Activist nominates Thilo Sarrazin for the award

The man’s busy. On his own, Giorgio Ghiringhelli launched – and won – the campaign for a ban on concealment in the canton of Ticino. The fact that the label “islamophobic” is attached to him does not bother him. ” Well, I might be, but literally, I’m afraid of Islam. ” He has nothing against Muslims, he is not driven by racist motives. But the 66-year-old sees Europe threatened by Islamisation. For the second time in a row, Ghiringhelli honoured his efforts with the “Swiss Stop Islamisation Award”, which he initiated. With 2,000 francs each, he wants to honour “deserving Islamisation critics” from the German, French and Italian-speaking areas and “appropriately appreciate” them, as he writes in a media release. The winners will be announced this summer. Last year’s Anti-Islamization Prize went to Walter Wobmann, Solothurn SVP National Councillor and head of the national burqa ban initiative. In German-speaking Switzerland, however, Ghiringhelli hardly finds any people who would accept this prize. “Few people have the courage to fight openly against the radicalisation of Muslims. And the few don’t want to be nominated for my prize because they fear being labelled Islamophobic and boycotted by the press,” he says. The solution to the problem was found by the man with frizzy grey hair and mustache across the border. This year he nominated the German Social Democrat politician and author Thilo Sarrazin for the award. Ghiringhelli does not know whether the latter would accept the prize. The controversial Sarrazin has appeared in several books, most recently in ” Hostile takeover. How Islam obstructs progress and threatens society” as an Islam critic. Ghiringhelli has named the German-Egyptian political scientist Hamed Abdel-Samad, author of the book “Islamic Fascism”, as the second well-known book author and potential prize winner. Abdel-Samad is Germany’s best-known critic of Islam. After all, the third candidate lives in German-speaking Switzerland. Alain Jean-Mairet lives in Lucerne and runs an Islam-critical blog.

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