Germany: Jesus sculpture set on fire, sculptures of Saints destroyed and urinated and vandalized in church

Unknown persons broke into the church of Großholbach (photo above) in the Westerwald district of Rhineland-Palatinate from Friday to Saturday and did the worst damage to it. The villagers are shocked, the Westerwälder Zeitung reports, ” It hurts. These are values that are simply trampled underfoot,” Michael Kohlhaas is shocked. The Lord Mayor can’t comprehend the incident. The community of 990 souls can’t believe what happened.The perpetrators have left a trail of devastation in the Holy Trinity Church. They throw stones into a side window and penetrate the church. There they tear a Jesus sculpture from a cross and set it on fire. In their infamous act, they damage a number of sacred figures and elements of the church. The unknowns urinate in the central aisle and on the pews.


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