Switzerland: Two African refugees raped Swiss woman six times

Last week, the Frauenfeld District Court in the Swiss canton of Thurgau heard a particularly heinous case: Two allegedly 19- and 23-year-old black Africans had forced a 44-year-old woman to have sexual intercourse six times after the joint consumption of narcotics. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the crime took place in the refugees’ room in a flat-sharing community.She would have been undressed against her will and raped alternately. The victim urinated into bed out of fear and desperation, only then would the men have let go of the woman. The alleged perpetrators deny the facts. It would have been a matter of consensual sexual intercourse. The victim’s version is supported by the fact that the two Africans had repeatedly contradicted each other in interrogations and always invented new procedures for the incident. The public prosecutor’s office requested prison sentences of between three years and six months as well as two years and two months with subsequent expulsion.The older defendant is said to have sexually coerced an 18-year-old boy as early as mid-December 2017. The rape was unsuccessful and the incident was officially proven by DNA traces. For many experts, the fact that it was not possible to pronounce a reference to the country at that time shows that Switzerland is confronted with the same structural problems as the rest of Europe. The suspects (to whom the presumption of innocence applies) are in custody, where, according to several reports, they regularly attack guards, who they randomly select, break windows or set fire to. The trial will continue on the 22nd of May before the district court of Frauenfeld. 


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