Asylum seeker stabbed 11-year-old son of his refugee aide — “It’s not allowed for a woman to see a Muslim naked, that has to be punished with death”

The refugee was aided by the victim’s family after his getaway. The African stabbed the then 11-year-old boy, the son of his refugee aide, with a bread knife and almost killed him. The tabloid Bild reports that the trial for attempted murder began on Wednesday at the Passau Regional Court (Bavaria).The incident occurred on 25th of July 2018.  
Abdulrahman M from Eritrea is an asylum seeker and lives with other refugees in an apartment building in Vilshofen. Tina K (34 years old) lives with her husband and two sons in the same house and cares for the refugees. According to the prosecution, M. ambushed Paul, then eleven years old, at his parents’ apartment while his mother was shopping with the other refugees. He asked the boy about his mother, then forced him into the living room. “There he pushed him to the floor and stabbed him with the knife hidden in his pants,” said the prosecutor. M. (26 y/o) is said to have yelled “Die, die”. Among other injuries, the boy suffered a 15-centimeter-long laceration over his larynx. The boy reacts to the knife attack fearlessly and defends himself against it. The family dog, a terrier hybrid, saves his life – he bites the attacker – Paul can free himself and runs out of the house. M. pursues him, only flees when the blood-stained boy manages to stop a car. M. did not comment on the crime during the trial, instead talks about a nude video he recorded himself and which Paul’s mother saw. “It is not allowed for a woman to see a Muslim naked, that has to be punished with death.”

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