Germany: A mob of “Mediterranean” and dark-skinned men harasses a woman and hits her with a pipe

Yesterday, around 7 p.m. on Thursday, several young men harassed and beat a 20-year-old woman on Hünenburg street in Meschede. The woman was slightly injured by blows with a pipe. According to the woman from Meschede, she was heading towards the downtown area on Hünenburg street. She was approached by a group of six young men near the kindergarten.The woman at first was verbally harassed. She defended herself with words. Thereupon three men attacked the woman physically. Among other things, she was beaten with a silver pipe. When the woman screamed for help, her mouth was being held shut. When she bite, the men fled towards the street “Am Maiknapp”. The six men were about 18 to 20 years old.Two perpetrators had a dark skin. Four people had a Mediterranean appearance. Two perpetrators wore a cap. One of the Mediterranean-looking persons spoke German well. Who can give information about the perpetrators and the crime? The police in Meschede will take clues by calling 0291 – 90 200.

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