Germany: Police find tons of weapons in extended family with migration background

Police searched a house inhabited by a large migrant family in Minden. Among other things, many firearms and narcotics were found.According to the newspaper Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, the Minden police succeeded in investigating a so-called “extended family” on Thursday. Although Minden has only 82,000 inhabitants, organized clan crime seems to have spread there as well. The special task force and police officers of a group of hundreds searched the property on a court order and found small alarm guns,as well as firearms and various prohibited weapons.Police have been active in connection with a hint that drugs and weapons should be stored in the house. In the whole of North Rhine-Westphalia, Interior Minister Herbert Reul ( Christian Democratic Union ) is currently trying to create the impression that there is now something to be done against the rampant clan crime by Arab and Turkish families.  In the past months there have been raids in the largest federal state again and again, some of them without much success.In addition to North Rhine-Westphalia, Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg and other German conurbations have also become centres of activity for Arab oriental clans.

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