Germany: Sexual assault by presumably African man on 23-year-old woman

The police are looking for an unknown man in the street Hegweg in Klein-Linden after a sexual assault on Wednesday morning around 04.40 a.m.. A 23-year-old girl from Giessen was first in a night bus (Saturn) on her way from Giessen to Klein-Linden. At the bus stop “Wetzlarer Straße” she and the later suspect got off. Apparently the unknown followed the young woman and caught up with her in the street Hegweg. There he briefly involved her in a conversation and tried to take her cell phone away because she wanted to call someone. Then the suspect pushed the 23-year-old to the ground and touched her indecently. The loud screams of the victim made local residents aware of what was happening and the suspect let her go. He fled in the direction of Frankfurter Street. Description of the suspect:  

The approximately 1.60 meter tall, dark-skinned man is about the beginning of 20 years old and slim. He has a beard and black shaved hair. His appearance was African. 

Who was on the way in the night bus “Saturn” from Gießen to Linden at the time in question? Who also got off at the bus stop “Wetzlarer Straße”? Who can give information about the suspect? Please inform the criminal police in Gießen by calling 0641 – 7006 2555.

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