Syrian and Turkish “wedding” convoys with shots and traffic hazards in Duisburg, Germany

Because last Saturday a motorcade held a concert of honking horns at 10:20 p.m. on Frieden street in Duisburg  and slowed down other road users, an alert citizen informed the police. When the officers arrived, they could hardly believe what they were seeing: about 12 vehicles drove very slowly and with hazard warning lights switched on along Musfeld street, while the occupants leaned out of the open side windows and sliding roofs. When the Syrian wedding party reached Kremer Street, civilian police observed a grey BMW 735i car disregarding a red light traffic light in order not to lose its connection to the convoy. When the officials checked the driver (25 years old), it turned out that he was not in possession of a valid driving licence. The officers initiated criminal proceedings against him and the co-driver, who is the owner (42 y.o ) of the BMW. Since three other wedding guests and vehicle drivers (18, 20, 24 y.o) were also unable to present a valid driving licence to the police officer and the 18-year-old also drove an unregistered and uninsured car, they must also face charges. And then the perpetrators were still not insightful: The participants complained on the spot about the deployment of the police.
On the same day several patrol cars had already moved out to Steigerstraße around about 01 pm. Two concerned citizens (34, 36 y.o) watched as a guest of a Turkish wedding party fired shots into the air with a pistol. When the informed officials arrived, there were about 50 wedding guests on the scene.The guests showed themselves to the police officers to be taciturn: although the police found more than ten shell casings on the spot, nobody noticed shots being fired. The law enforcement officers searched several vehicles and persons, but could not find a pistol. The policemen seized the cartridges and initiated proceedings for violation of the weapons law.

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