Another attack on the German Federal Railways

Unknown persons attacked a regional train in North Rhine-Westphalia on Saturday morning. According to the police in Hagen and the public prosecutor’s office in Siegen, several manhole covers were lowered from a bridge in Bad Berleburg to the level of the driver’s cabin after initial investigations at 6:25 a.m. The locomotive driver was slightly injured, and the responsible homicide commission started investigations into attempted murder.According to a joint statement by the police and public prosecutor’s office, the manhole covers smashed through the windshield of the Hessian State Railways train, which was on an empty journey without passengers. Only an instinctively correct reaction of the 49-year-old locomotive driver was responsible for the fact that he was not seriously injured or killed.At least four manhole covers had already been taken off a nearby district road on Friday night. Police called witnesses to report. The authorities announced on Sunday that another of the removed manhole covers had been seized as part of an investigation in the area of a Bad Berleburg school center. However, the search for the perpetrators obviously continued.On the Intercity Express route between Nuremberg and Munich, an Islamic terrorist attack last October made the headlines, as reports. A steel cable had been stretched across the tracks. Now it came to an arrest in Vienna.


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