Germany: MSM blamed Islamist terrorist attack on Intercity Express on political right-wingers

Terror suspect arrested in Austria over 2018 Germany train sabotage

Fred Alan Medforth@FredMedforth

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Terror suspect arrested in Austria over 2018 Germany train sabotageGerman and Austrian investigators have arrested an Iraqi man on suspicion he sabotaged trains in Germany last year, prosecutors said Wednesd…minds.comWeitere Tweets von Fred Alan Medforth ansehen

On the 7th of October on the line between Nuremberg and Munich in Bavaria a thick wire rope was stretched over the tracks between two power pylons by using a lashing strap and several metal straps at a height of four to five metres. The Inter City Express ICE on the Nuremberg-Munich line was damaged and thousands of passengers were in mortal danger. A police spokesman: “The perpetrators put the passengers in danger of death”. On Christmas holidays, of all days, a second fatal ICE attack took place in Berlin, which was hardly reported in the German media.The German mainstream media then tried to put the blame for the attempted mass murder on “right-wing copycats” in the usual Reichstag fire of 1933 style – immediately before the state elections in Bavaria and Hesse. 

For example, the left-wing radical “refugee” weekly newspaper “Die ZEIT” circulated:

“Attempted steel cable attack on ICE may have right-wing motivation.
Hanover (AFP) The attempted attack on an ICE with a steel cable in Bavaria at the beginning of October may have had a right-wing extremist background. We think it is possible that it was a radicalized individual perpetrator from the extreme right who wanted to provoke a mood against refugees shortly before the state elections in Bavaria”, an investigator told the newspapers of the editorial network “Deutschland”. h

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