Germany: Sexual harassment, attempted assault, insult, narcotic abuse by Afghan man

Early Saturday evening, two young ladies were harassed by a 30-year-old Afghan national known to the police on the skater park at the Wiesbaden slaughterhouse in Murnau street.He first grabbed a woman by the arm, pulled her to him and kissed her on the mouth. This caused a quarrel in which the man insulted the ladies, even sexually, and tried to spit on them.Then he fled towards the station. Police found him crouching behind a knee-high bush where he tried to hide. During the identification a bag of narcotics was found on him. In the subsequent apartment search, another 50 grams of hashish were found on the man. Extensive criminal proceedings were initiated against the suspect for sexual harassment, insult, attempted bodily injury and the violation of the Narcotics Act.

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