Germany: Turk locks man up in basement and blackmails cash from him – forces him to run a marijuana plantation

Photo: Police Hamburg

Investigators yesterday brought a 34-year-old Turkish man to the magistrate’s court in Hamburg on suspicion of blackmailing and kidnapping. Among other things, he is said to have held a man prisoner and blackmailed cash.After the parents of the 34-year-old victim had reported to the police, officers of the responsible police department of the Wandsbek region (LKA 154) started the investigation.According to the report, the suspect had stolen a four-figure sum of money from the victim by blackmail. He is said to have locked him up in a basement room for about a week. Furthermore, he is said to have coerced him into looking after a marijuana plantation in an apartment.In the course of this activity the victim was able to flee.Based on the results of the investigation, the Hamburg public prosecutor’s office issued search warrants for two apartments in Jenfeld to the responsible investigating judge.
Together with investigators from the drug department (LKA 68), the search was carried out yesterday afternoon.In one of the two apartments the officials found a professionally run marijuana plantation with over 200 marijuana plants. The officials seized the plants and plantation equipment as evidence. Riot police officers (LBP 41) transported the objects to the police headquarters.
In the second apartment, they found a small amount of cocaine, about 250 grams of marijuana, and a frightening gun. They also identified a basement room in which the victim could have been held. In any case, the room contained a mattress with a blanket, candles and beverage cans.In this second apartment the officers also met the suspect, whom they temporarily arrested.Further investigations, particularly into the background to the crime and the details of the victim’s blackmail and locking up in the basement room, continue.

Türke hält Mann in Keller gefangen und erpresst Bargeld – zwingt ihn eine Marihuana-Plantage zu betreuen

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