Germany: Luebeck left-wing politician outs himself as anti-Semite

Detlef Koch is a parliamentary party member for the Socialist Unity Party (SED) successor party – today the party bears the name ” The Left Party” – without membership in the Lübeck parliament.On Twitter he lives out his anti-Semitic hatred and he twitters:

Detlef Koch (Bild: Screenshot)

MURDEROUS ZIONISM! As long as our government supports protofascist, racist, torturing, ethnically cleansing & murdering nations like Israel, we know that the denazification of Germany has only partially succeeded! #BDS #FreePalestine 

Henryk M. Broder had a closer look at the prototype on the Left and stated: “… Koch promoted Jürgen Todenhöfer, admires Greta Thunberg, defends Jeremy Corbyn (“Jeremy Corbyn is not an anti-Semite!”) and the Ayatollahs (“Iran is not an anti-Semitic regime”), shows solidarity with JewsAgainstZionism, mourns Hugo Chavez, calls on all those who want to “do something about climate change” to follow his example: LIVES FROM NOW ON WITHOUT MEAT, MILK & EGGS! thinks Sawsan Chebli – fasten your seat belt, please – as “the most brilliant politician in the whole world and he wishes himself and her to make it “to the very top”, whatever that means in practice…”

Broder recognized the anti-Semitic madness of this Left-wing politician with precise accuracy, but did not know anything about his professional activities.On the website “EVOLUTION – Ethics and Society” Detlef Koch is responsible for the content of this website, but there is enough to know what the anti-Semite is doing professionally:
“I am a teacher by profession and was a licensed trainer of the German Chess Federation for competitive sports. After school and studies I worked in 1991 as founder and head of a non-governmental organisation in India and returned to Germany in 2001. The project started as a school project and developed into a local development project. Besides my professional activity as a teacher I worked for the Luebeck Chess Club of 1873 e.V. as a chess trainer”.
The fact that he is a shameless anti-Semite in addition to his professional activities, that the Left-wing politician is concealing to us wisely, however.

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