Germany: Rape by Arabs kept secret – for fear of being called “Nazi”

A female student was raped a year ago by three young men – presumably from the “Arab region”. Now the investigation has been shelved. The victim concealed the rape for almost a year for fear of “social stigmatization”. Now the family goes public, hoping to arrest the perpetrators after all. Almost a year ago, the young student was raped in Jena by three young foreigners. The young woman reported her martyrdom to the newspaper Thüringer Allgemeine when she was still in hospital. The family asked her not to publish the story in order not to burden her daughter even more. One year after the crime, the search for the perpetrators is discontinued. However, the family has now decided to make the crime public, hoping to arrest the perpetrators after all.The reason why they kept silent for a year is as insane as it is shocking: fear of social stigmatisation because the perpetrators were foreigners. ” They were three foreigners,” said the young woman about her rapists. “No black Africans, no Asians, no Scandinavians, but foreigners.” According to their language, probably from the Arab world. The rape victim announces this publicly one year after the crime committed against her.”Don’t tell anyone”, the young woman’s father said, that this hint came from his circle of acquaintances. Some people would get upset if the police publicly searched for the perpetrators and added: “Three foreign-looking men”. That would be racist, they said, the father continued. But his daughter has nothing against foreigners, absolutely nothing, so the affirmation. “Two years ago she took part in a demonstration at the Antifa in Jena when the right-wing people said the foreigners had to leave,” the fatherly character witness continued. Unfortunately, however, his family did not have much luck with foreigners. His niece from Erfurt had already been murdered in 2002. The murderer of the young woman was an Italian.

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