Muslim preacher in German mosque: “Christmas is an insult to Allah!”

The ” German-speaking Muslim Community e.V.” published a video last Christmas Eve, which is still online on Youtube and is now increasingly causing a stir on the net in the run-up to Christmas. The message of the video, in which Abu Maher preaches: “Christmas is an insult to Allah!” (blasphemy).

The ” German-speaking Muslim Community” (DMG) is a registered association (e.V.), which defines itself as follows: “As a long-standing association in Braunschweig, we represent Islam according to the understanding of the first three generations after the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) and would like to teach Islam – based on the Qurân and Sunna (way of the Prophet) and its pure message – to our fellow human beings and society. It is close to our hearts to enable all those who are interested to get to know the values and norms that Islam imposes on human beings…

Under the headline “Important!” the association states: “As a Muslim community, we are part of the local society. We respect the law of the Federal Republic of Germany, but at the same time insist on our basic rights, such as freedom of religion and freedom of opinion, and would like to live and let live in peace and mutual tolerance like every citizen.”

Whether such a video contributes to peace and mutual tolerance, I seriously doubt…

“Whoever commits blasphemy has no right to live even for a moment”.
Meanwhile, I wouldn’t really rely on the Muslim community’s self-description. Because that could be life-threatening, as the following tweet shows:

Prediger in Braunschweig: „Weihnachten ist eine Beleidigung Allahs!“

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