Rioting and IS flags: Riots in the asylum center due to quarantine in Suhl, Germany

They try to burn down the refugee center, rattle the gate, throw bottles at police officers and display the IS flag! One could almost think that these scenes originate from Greece or from prisons in Italy. But we are in the middle of Germany – more precisely in Suhl, Thuringia.

It all began with a confirmed diagnosis of corona in an first intake asylum facility in southern Thuringia: the illegal immigrant is said to have recently arrived in Germany via Sweden and Hamburg. Because of this, a quarantine was ordered for the 533 residents and the home was temporarily sealed off. But the measure, which in times of Corona seems not at all unusual, apparently drove the asylum seekers to a fury: some of them started rioting and prevented inmates from entering the dining hall in order to force a hunger strike. They are said to have tried to leave the facility through the sewers to get to the nearby town.

But not only that: A group of asylum seekers even threatened to set the asylum centre on fire, displaying a flag of the terrorist organisation Islamic State! “Today, at around 11:40 a.m., about 30 people, mainly young men, of the nationalities mainly citizens of Georgia and the Maghreb states, gathered in front of the main gate, as I said, who tried to pass the gate while displaying an IS flag and were in a very aggressive mood,” said police spokesman Wolfgang Nicolai. He said that “especially children were placed in the front of the gates”.

To calm the situation, up to 50 police officers were deployed to monitor the facility. Police trainees were also involved.

In view of the conditions currently existing in the initial reception facility in Suhl, the question arises as to what happens if similar incidents occur in other so-called refugee shelters. The danger that Corona will also break out in other shelters is omnipresent, a further restriction of public life is to be expected. It is hard to imagine that the capacities of the security forces and medical staff are sufficient to keep at bay angry illegal immigrants who do not want to comply with the protective measures against the spread of COVID-19.How brutal they sometimes act when they don’t get their way can be seen at the Greek-Turkish border. In Italy, several people have already died in prison riots, particularly those instigated by immigrants from the Maghreb countries.

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