Germany: Man shot down, one Iraqi arrested, three Iraqis on the run

Leyth AL SELO (Ganzkörper)
Ibrahim AL SELO (Ganzkörper)
Ibrahim AL SELO
Haymen AL SELO (Ganzkörper)
Haymen AL SELO

On the 7th of January 2020, a 33-year-old man was seriously injured by several shots in a workshop in the Eisental industrial area in Waiblingen. Since then, a special task force of the Waiblingen criminal investigation department has been working on the investigation of the crime. Four brothers of Iraqi descent are urgently suspected of having committed the crime. One of them already appeared at the police station last Saturday afternoon together with a lawyer and surrendered. This suspect has been in custody ever since. His three brothers are still unknown whereabouts. Therefore, at the request of the public prosecutor’s office in Stuttgart, the responsible district court ordered a public search for the other suspects.

Wanted are the brothers

Ibrahim AL SELO, 29 years

Leyth AL SELO, 26 years

Haymen AL SELO, 23 years old

In addition, the police have information that the suspects may be driving a grey VW Passat with the license plate S – BB 700.
The criminal investigation department of Waiblingen requests information that could help to arrest the perpetrators and determine their whereabouts by calling 07151/950-333 or any other police station by calling 110.

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